Seed Mentors have already launched, closed, and fully invested two Seed Advantage SEIS Funds. This new Fund offers a generalist SEIS investing across a spectrum of sectors. This is a unique proposition for individuals looking for the potential to generate attractive investment returns through a combination of capital growth and tax reliefs (including 50% income tax relief + 14% capital gains tax exemption) by investing in a diversified portfolio of SEIS qualifying businesses, where each company will benefit from business mentoring.

Seed Mentors have access to a panel of business experts including legal, financial, HR, IT and marketing, each with an impressive track record and skill set. Each Investee company will receive mentoring to assist the business and help them through to profitability.

The FCA regulated Investment Manager (Amersham Investment Management) will seek to mitigate risk by investing in a broad range of companies in different sectors and also invest in experienced Managing Directors who can demonstrate a 5 yr+ track record of success.


  • To obtain the Information Memorandum, please Contact Us.

Key Features

  • Target returns of 120p per 50p net SEIS investment after 3 years*
  • Minimum subscription of £5,000
  • SEIS benefits available for eligible investors:
    • 50% income tax relief**
    • tax free capital growth**
    • relief from IHT (once shares have been held for a minimum of 2 years)
  • Closing Date: TBC

* This target return is not a reliable indicator of future performance
** The tax relief applies to all UK taxpayers on the amount invested in SEIS qualifying companies up to £100,000 in any one tax year. The relief is retained provided that shares in an SEIS are held for 3 years, subject to the Investee Company retaining its qualifying status.

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