Teleseminar Series

The Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) is one of the best Government initiatives in recent years for both investors and start-up entrepreneurs alike. So now that it is two years old, what effect has it had on British industry?

SEIS has presented opportunities for investors, accountants, IFAs, entrepreneurs and business coaches. It continues to offer one of the most attractive tax breaks for investors who want to put money into UK businesses. Nevertheless, you may still have unanswered questions about how SEIS works, and why people should take a closer look at it.

We have an exclusive series of teleseminars looking at SEIS from a variety of different perspectives. These include interviews with an entrepreneur, an IFA, an accountant, a business coach and some specialist investors to give you one of the most comprehensive informal examinations of SEIS ever conducted in the UK.

Each interviewee will give you an independent view of SEIS. These revealing insights will leave you knowing more about how to make SEIS work for you than ever before.

Whether you’re an advisor to investors looking to discover how to recommend SEIS and what the benefits are, or seeking funds for your own business or on behalf of someone else, you’ll find out why SEIS is such a popular option amongst both investors and business owners alike.


Discovering the Benefits of SEIS, with Harvey Shulman and Paul Wilson

First Broadcast 15th February 2017

In this teleseminar, Harvey Shulman of Seed Mentors discusses SEIS and EIS with Paul Wilson of Clifton Media Lab. During the discussion, Harvey & Paul explain why SEIS might not be as risky as you think, how to reduce the risks of SEIS, the 3 essential factors that help to identify a good start-up investment, and how investors who haven’t been properly informed about SEIS might make the wrong investment decisions, exposing themselves to greater risks.


Chris Leach – IFA – Chris Leach & Associates

First broadcast on 5th November 2014

In the first teleseminar in the series, Seed Mentors are delighted to present Chris Leach, of Chris Leach Associates, a well-known IFA with over 40 years experience in the financial services industry. Independent since 1982, Chris was also the first and only female president of the Life Insurance Association.


Roger Duckworth – Accountant

First broadcast on 19th November 2014

The second in our teleseminar series, Seed Mentors are pleased to present Roger Duckworth, an accountant with over 20 years experience. Roger has worked with start-up companies seeking SEIS funding since its inception. In this interview, he discusses the merits of  SEIS funding for start-ups and the potential benefits for investors.


Kathryn Robertson – former HMRC Senior Policy Advisor on Tax Advantage Venture Capital Schemes

First broadcast on 29th January 2015

In the third of our teleseminar series, we bring to you Kathryn Robertson, formerly HMRC’s most senior policy advisor from the very start of SEIS. She advised other HMRC staff and Government Departments throughout the introduction of the scheme until the end of last year. Now heading up a specialist tax consultancy advising companies and investors about SEIS, she is one of the most knowledgeable people in the country about the workings of the scheme.


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