If your company satisfies the fundamental eligibility criteria and has obtained HMRC Advance Assurance (forms can be downloaded here) please contact Shani Randall on 020 3011 0901, alternatively please email your business plans to her at in order to register & participate at a pitching event.

Here is a basic walk through of the procedure to guide you in putting forward a successful proposal. Any and all information provided during this process will be treated as confidential.

A strong pitch should cover the following:

A rundown of the proposed business venture with highlights on its uniqueness and strengths

A detailed document on the core management, their experiences and strengths in the relevant areas

An elaborate and exhaustive business plan and a thorough information on the current market scenario, sales estimates and competition

An extensive financial analysis & 5 year forecasts together with most recent balance sheets and updates

Post submission of Business proposals, the Seed Mentors Review Panel and its members will conduct a thorough evaluation and guide you through to the approval process.

  • All Investee Companies are required to obtain provisional HMRC clearance
  • A primary evaluation will be conducted by the review panel. This evaluation will include a thorough review of the proposal submitted, future prospects of success, management efficiency and capability. All areas of concerns will be marked for further review.
  • The management will be given an opportunity to put forward their assessments on the product, market survey and to alleviate any apprehensions about risks.
  • Post review, all legal and monetary details with respect to fee structures and offers will be put forward to the company’s management on the acceptance of which a final review is set up.
  • The final review consists of two parts: Due Diligence will be conducted on the company and its management and the results presented to the Fund Manager for approval. If at any point during due diligence it is found that the proposal does not satisfy certain criteria or if any irrevocable issues arise, the plan will be rejected and the company informed of the decision.
  • The second part of the final review consists of evaluation by the Fund Manager and presentation of investment agreements with detailed information on the targets, time frame for achievement of those targets and finally, the overall plan of action is documented.
  • On completion of the final review and its success, the investment agreements including the Mentoring agreement will be signed and funding completed in a speedy manner.
  • The progress and completion of targets within the stipulated time frames will be constantly reviewed. Seed Mentors also provides the Investee Companies with an opportunity to utilize the services of a panel of experts across disciplines and sectors to enable smooth functioning of the business. This panel of experts, available at a reasonable fee, will provide guidance on various aspects of running a business from Human Resources Management to Informatio¬¬n Technology Management.
  • The Investee companies can seek second and subsequent rounds of investment post initial success as per terms.

We encourage business proposals from entrepreneurs / small businesses across various sectors. We aim to provide the vital development capital required for the business in a quick and efficient way and maintain a mutually beneficial partnership forged on trust and confidence, thus ensuring a successful future.