Seed Mentors has become one of the leading independent investment specialists in identifying and mentoring start-up and smaller businesses across a broad number of sectors in the UK. In many instances, but not exclusively, Seed Mentors will use the Seed EIS scheme, which was introduced by the Government in 2012.

Since then Seed Mentors has launched and successfully closed 6 SEIS funds, including three General UK SEIS funds, two Dragon Seed Advantage SEIS Fund, to support start-up businesses in Wales and the UK’S first Sharia Compliant SEIS fund.

For these latter funds , Seed Mentors partnered with xénos, part of Finance Wales and Portillion Capital. Importantly monies raised have been quickly invested, so that investors can obtain their tax reliefs as soon as possible. Seed Mentors have been able to do this because of the high quality business opportunities that are brought to Seed Mentors by a wide network of accountants and business advisers. We have reviewed over 3,000 business plans and fully invested and closed 6 funds to since September 2013 and December 2015.

Through our mentorship programme, Seed Mentors firmly believe that it is able to help companies through the difficult early stages and successfully achieve high growth through to later stages of development.

Seed Mentors typically supports business managers and entrepreneurs by providing initial access to capital of £100k – £200k, with the ability to provide access to further follow-on investment. If you are a business seeking investment, please click here to read more.

Through our partnerships with FCA regulated managers, Seed Mentors are able to provide private investors and financial advisers with tax-efficient investment opportunities, typically through the innovative government approved Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) .

Seed Mentors are nimble and flexible and so are able to offer investors either diversification across a number of businesses via discretionary managed portfolios.

For financial advisory firms, in addition to providing your clients with the above, Seed Mentors can provide you a white-labelled service giving you the ability to tell us what type of assets you would like to invest in and craft your own exclusive branded ‘fund’, giving you peace of mind that the underlying investee companies are mentored and managed under FCA regulations.

To find out more about our custom funds, please contact us. Alternatively, please click here to see our range of Funds.